view from home / edge of the fen / down the droves

In this notebook are a number of page by page landscapes, each emerging through layers. Finding this long format a liberation. Often they turn out like the view I see when I’m down one of the droves, looking across a field. In these places if you lie down, and look up, but look to the side by rolling your eyes, the peripheral vision is like the world as if through a fisheye lense. This place can be mesmeric. I’m glad I get to go back so often, I don’t live there anymore, it is still home.

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Adding and subtracting

In odd moments over some time, adding and subtracting. A pile of paintings, accumulating by my desk, some on canvas, some on card from bits of packaging, some on paper. Here’s a few, others are bubbling up, slowly slowly.

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Other seeds fell on good soil

‘ Other seeds fell on good soil… ‘
‘ Let anyone with ears listen! ‘

Today’s gospel reading, Matthew 13:1-9, the parable of the sower. I saw that the harvest of one crop had begun yesterday evening around here. I like this time of year.

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Yesterday evening, a walk and Holy Communion

This is what I wrote on the church’s facebook page about our activity on Thursday evening (I loved it, and look forward to similar occasions):

A small group from different Ware churches walked for about an hour in the town yesterday evening, pausing quite frequently to discus and pray. We then came back to St Mary’s for a service of Holy Communion in which prayers of intercession were gathered from thoughts noted in the walk. We will be doing this again and will publicise here and in our churches (and through their (social)media). A heartfelt thanks to those who took part.

The drawing/map was given out before the walk and hopefully might prompt further thoughts and prayers.

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Last Sunday’s pewsheet, heart, soul, strength and mind

Last Sunday’s pewsheet, I may have defaced it a little. But only because of the gospel. Two verses in particular.

Luke 10:25-37, but in particular it was 25-28, and even more than that, 27. Here’s a link to the full reading.

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washers, a brake pad, a can

Bits of metal, washers, a brake pad, a can, picked up on pavements and gutters recently. I like these things. 
I’ve really loved the work of the late great Robert Rauschenberg for a long time, he was a total inspiration/I was totally inspired. When I absentmindedly think of his work now, or pick up stuff on the street like he did for his assemblages and enjoy looking at it on my desk, then I know I still am. Thank you Robert Rauschenberg (and for carrying on the great work of Duchamp, Schwitters, Cornell). 
“Beauty is now underfoot wherever we take the trouble to look.” (John Cage, on the work of Robert Rauschenberg). 

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This week…an amazing week.

Ordained a priest a week ago, presided at Holy Communion on Sunday, and then three times more during the week. A very special week. All four services very different contexts, one, in particular had an intention different to the others. I was anxious, humbled, grateful (very very grateful) all kinds of things, excited. Saying words of absolution, Words of Institution, blessing… and then also other things this week, things that have got right to me, conversations which then kept me awake later at night, painting with payne’s grey and alizarin crimson, blessing boats, flowers on dad’s grave. The drawing is just a five-minute sketch from earlier today, the last supper. In the ordination we made some declarations (“By the help of God, I will”), one of the questions was ‘Will you then, in the strength of the Holy Spirit, continually stir up the gift of God in you, to make Christ known among all whom you serve?” To be honest at the moment I don’t think I could cope with being stirred up any more than I am! I love this new life.

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