The visitation

Today, day off. A great card from a cousin in the post and the back of the envelope helped with thinking about drawing the Blessed Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth (‘the visitation’ is remembered today, a feast day in the church, Luke 1:39-49). A notebook page of Mary and Elizabeth, a bit of gardening, watched the sparrows and starlings. Listened to the last episode of the diary of Anne Frank (r4 serialising it this week) asked son if he had read this at school, he hadn’t, ordered a copy for him for pence on Amazon, really hope he reads it.

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Ember cards. If you pray…

I picked up my ember cards from the printer today. Lots to put in the post. If you would like one please do message me your address (you know I’m rubbish at this, I wouldn’t like to miss you out by mistake, I’ve got the list from last year…somewhere, and people have moved…)If you pray, and would like to, then prayers for all who are being ordained later this year…among them me, are appreciated. Last year I was ordained a deacon, this ordination is to be a priest. If you’d like to come to the ordination service (29.06.19, 4pm) in St Albans Cathedral please do let me know. The next day in St Mary the Virgin, Ware, I will be presiding at a service of Holy Communion (aka the Eucharist) for the first time, at 10am, all are very welcome at either or both events. Exciting times.

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figures on a hill

Envelopes and the back of them. Figures at the crucifixion. John 19:26-27.

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One day I will ( / wise Kerouac)

‘One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.’ (Jack Kerouac). Making notes for the reflection about the year so far as a deacon, has to be emailed in this Friday. Crossed out painted pink doodled a face on added a little ink played with tipex and wrote out a quote which says to me, yup, that’s it in a nutshell. The actual reflection…coming on (flippin slowly).

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Sparrows, tea, radio

Two wonderful hours sat drinking tea and watching sparrows this bank holiday morning. Lots of sparrows in my garden, lots of bird seed. Love them. Didn’t realise how endangered they are. Listened to the radio and had a go at painting a sparrow.

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day off drawings

Day off yesterday, four paintings/drawings, two from memories of a recent week in Wales, and two from tramping around the droves back home.

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Peter goes to the empty tomb

Gospel on the back of an envelope. Peter in the tomb, empty but for the linen Jesus had been wrapped in. Read Luke 24:1-12 in morning prayer today. The envelope has the last two verses (after Mary Magdalene and other women told the apostles about the angels’ question ‘why do you look for the living among the dead?)

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